ASEA is a consulting and training agency specialized to implement Sustainable and Social Procurement in your organisation and your Supply Chain.

ASEA aims to demonstrate that a professional procurement function can participate on long-term value creation for stakeholders, by promoting economic development on territories, minimizing impacts on the environment, inserting remote people from employment and adding strong values through the procurement process.

ASEA has proven consultancy and training records since 2008 with companies and institutions in public and private sectors.

ASEA is partner of a global network of high profile sustainable procurement experts :

Our tools  : Evaluation of compliance, maturity level on sustainable procurement and CSR, assessor of french label on responsible supplier relations  , life cycle costing, risk assessment matrix

Our scopes  :

  • Policy and Stratégy (Integrate sustainability into the organisations procurement policy and strategy . It is vital to align the sustainable procurement goals with the high level strategy of the organisation and with the procurement strategy.
  • Organisation of the procurement function towards sustainability. It covers governance, setting priorities, developing people, supplier engagement and measuring performance.
  • Procurement Process  . Take concrete and pragmatic actions on each step of the procurement process, according to the maturity of each organization . It covers how to do procurement differently to deliver sustainability.
  • Leading changes with internal stakeholders (buyers and enablers) and external (suppliers and subcontractors).

Annie Sorel founded ASEA after 20 years as a Head of Procurement for major French companies in the eye wear and garment industries.

She is also involved in several national and international initiatives on Sustainable Procurement

  • Vice president of the French Think Tank on Sustainable Procurement, the ObsAR since 2012
  • Leads different working groups for ObsAR (with production of guide books) since 2010
  • Expert on Fairtrade (with production of guide books) since 2010
  • Member of « Comité 21″, the biggest network on Sustainable Development in France since 2009
  • International expert and contributor of ISO24000 Standard on Sustainable Procurement since 2013
  • Partner of the United Nations 10-year Sustainable Public Procurement Programme since 2016

In the field of Gender Equality,

ISO 20400 : One year after!

How is ISO20400 implemented in different countries?

What tools are used to implement the ISO 20400 standard?

Is it possible to have official recognition and make it public?

ISO20400 in video

Introduction to ISO20400, the first international standard on Sustainable Procurement

Watch and listen to 16 individuals from a selection of countries that are developing ISO20400, to be published in 2017.